Unless you’ve been totally absent from social media since July 6 you are aware that Ninantic Labs and the Pokémon Company released a new app called Pokémon Go. Since that time, Forbes reports that there have been 7.5 million downloads in the US alone, and has generated 1.6 million dollars in revenue daily. It is far outperforming popular Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat by large margins.

In this new virtual reality augmented app, the creators bring Pokémon into the real world by utilizing your phones built-in GPS system, camera and Google Maps to make the creatures appear all around you. You’ll find them in your living room, in your kitchen and even right outside your front door. The Pokémon even change in accordance with the surroundings, meaning you catch water based creatures near ponds and land-based Pokémon while you are out walking the dog. This idea appeals to a broad customer base because not only do tweens and teens love it, it’s tapping into the nostalgia aspect for children of the 90’s (now in their early twenties out of college with some discretionary income) who have fond memories of this game.

The idea of Augmented Reality Gamification marketing has been launched by this game, and you can be sure that other developers will not be far behind in utilizing it in ways to market to draw business for both large and small businesses. Unlike games which require the user to be only on their smart phone or computer, the premise of Augmented Reality Gamification Marketing is getting people out behind their devices, out the door and putting them in front of your business be it a virtual one or a physical storefront.

As of this writing Ninantic does not offer the opportunity to purchase ad space or a PokeStop with the app, but it can’t be far away based on the immense success of it in just a few short weeks. While on the outside this app may seem like child’s play, the it’s safe to say that this interesting medium used to reach a targeted customer base is ripe for monetization in the very near future and is something you should consider for your small or medium sized business.