How to Implement Seasonal Marketing In Your Business

Adjusting your marketing strategies during the holidays can result in huge benefits. Companies all over the world target national and global holidays to bring in new business and drive revenues up. Starbucks is a great example of a business that knows how to take advantage of the holidays. Their famous red cup and seasonal drinks are launched in early November and remain through the end of December. These drinks result in a huge revenue boost because people look forward to the limited edition drinks all year. This is why you should try implementing seasonal marketing into your strategies. Now is the perfect time to launch your campaign before the holidays are here!

Choose a holiday

Start by choosing the holiday that you are going to implement in your seasonal marketing plan. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, or New Year’s Day, be sure to choose the one that will bring in the most new customers. A clothing store might be more successful in taking advantage of Black Friday because of the discounts. However, a local gym would most likely gain the most from a New Year’s Day advertisement, as losing weight tends to be a common New Year’s resolution.

Season of sales

Spending money and gift-giving are two characteristics of the holidays. Offering discounts and sales will help to keep your business competitive with the surrounding businesses. Doing so will also draw in new customers, and keep the old ones coming back. 

Update your social media and website

Adding seasonal themed social media posts and website updates will show your customers your seasonal marketing campaign. Fill up your social media with the discounts you’re offering for the holidays. Include deadlines and reminders to keep customers interested and alert.

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