It’s Not Too Late to Plan for the Holiday Season

holiday marketing strategy for Milwaukee businesses

It’s the end of September, so if you’ve been in a big-box store recently, chances are you’ve started to see the early beginnings of preparation for the holiday season. We’re not here to weigh in on the years-long debate of whether these stores start gearing up for the holiday season too soon, but the fact that they do make such a big deal out of the season is telling. No, they aren’t being festive for festivity’s sake – the holiday season is a big money maker for these stores.

But what if you run a small business? What does the holiday season mean for you? Do you need to get into the spirit in a big way like the big boxes, or should you ignore the time of year completely and go on with business as usual? And what if you haven’t even started thinking about the holiday season at all? Is it too late to plan anything?

At Vertz Marketing, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in the Milwaukee area and all across southeastern Wisconsin, and we have learned a thing or two about how the holiday season can impact businesses in a positive way. With a few specific and unique exceptions, we can say that it’s almost always in your business’s best interest to participate in the season in some way or another. Depending on your business, maybe the gift-giving season is the perfect time to run a sale or get the word out about what you sell or the services you provide. For others, the correlation to the holidays may not be so clear, but by thinking creatively, there will almost certainly be some way you can use the holidays to showcase your business or bring in additional revenue.

Finally, we want to assure you that it’s not too late to start planning for the holidays. Even though we’re only a few short months away from the holiday season, doing something to promote your business or increase your sales is much better than doing nothing. Even if the efforts need to be humble this year, the important thing is to do something positive to engage with potential clients and customers during this special time of year.

If you’re looking to put something together for this upcoming holiday season and need some assistance, please give us a call at Vertz Marketing and let us help you with some ideas for a holiday campaign for your business.