Trying to Reach Young People – Add Instagram

milwaukee instagram marketing

The world of consumer marketing is always changing and it changes fast. With all of the social media tools companies are using these days to get the right message in front of the right audience – when you master one channel, you’ll need to adjust to stay with today’s social media and marketing trends.

Although Facebook is still the king of social media with over 1.15 billion users (fun fact – that’s over 16% of the entire world’s population!), Instagram is a tool you need to know.

Instagram is incredibly popular with people under the age of 25 and growing incredibly fast. At last count, there were over 150 million active users and growing at the pace of 10 million users per month.

It’s worth noting that Instagram is owned by Facebook and there are incredible resources being poured into Instagram to fuel its growth. Not familiar with Instagram? It’s simply a mobile phone and tablet app where you can take a picture, add a filter to change the look of the picture, attach it to your company Instagram account and make a brief comment and even a hashtag for searchability. Companies from small businesses to the largest, well-known brands are utilizing Instagram marketing to get in front of their target audience – especially if you’re targeting a younger generation.

Instagram is much like Twitter in that you can follow people or brands and people or brands can follow you back. When you post a picture and the corresponding text, those that follow you will be presented with your information. If you’re putting up great content, you will build a great, loyal following and keep reinforcing your brand to increase sales!

At Vertz Marketing we love Instagram! Instagram can be used for marketing in just minutes a day and is a great medium to promote your brand. If you would like to learn more about our comprehensive and multi-channel marketing programs for your business contact the Milwaukee marketing experts at Vertz Marketing for a complimentary business development and marketing analysis.