Vertz Marketing specializes in various Milwaukee advertising services to give you the right mix to increase leads, sales, and profits. We know that today’s small & medium-sized businesses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Midwest are extremely budget conscious, so we maximize the return on investment by strategizing with you the exact mix of advertising vehicles to move your business forward.

Proper advertising can sky-rocket local businesses, which we have accomplished for clients time after time. While the days of advertising have changed over the years, there’s become more opportunity than ever to highlight your business, especially for companies residing in Milwaukee, Wi.

Our Advertising Approach That Sets Us Apart

Below is a list of the following advertising services we provide for all our clients:

  • Email campaigns & newsletters: Email campaigns and newsletters are great ways to increase your engagement with clientele and customer base. With our email campaigns, we increase your email list and implement seamless email marketing to promote your business/offerings.
  • Social media management & advertising on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc: Advertising through these platforms is a must for local businesses. Our Milwaukee social media management will give you a clear path to what you need to focus on to grow your brand and business.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is a way to advertise your business passively. Over the years, this has become an incredible way to grow your business organically by ranking your website on the top of search engines such as Google. Our Milwaukee SEO experts know what it takes to develop local Milwaukee brands and rank them on the top of search engines.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on search engines: Having an advertising team that understands the ins and outs of PPC is a must. At Vertz Marketing, we have been running Milwaukee PPC campaigns for years and know how to maximize ad spend to grow your business effectively. From targeting the right keywords to catchy titles, we have you covered.
  • Impression advertising on targeted website networks: We have extensive relationships with website networks and know where to place banner ads for impressions. 
  • Retargeting technology: Retargeting marketing is a must for local businesses. Through retargeting advertising, we can retarget customers who were previously on your website to increase your conversion rate.
  • Direct mail: Direct mail campaigns can be effective for specific types of businesses. We know which ones can benefit from this form of advertising.
  • Direct mail list selection: Direct mail advertising needs to be done with an understanding of which customers are most likely going to respond/convert.
  • Print advertising (magazine, newspaper): When it comes to advertising for events or grand openings, these forms of advertising can be terrific. We know which are the most effective for specific industries.
  • Television, video networks, and YouTube: TV and Youtube advertising can have massive ROIs when done correctly. We ensure the cost spent is worth it with these types of advertising.
  • Radio: Radio advertising campaigns can be highly beneficial when done correctly. We know exactly where to advertise companies depending on their industry.
  • Billboard campaigns: Billboard campaigns can be great tools that help keep your brand in front of your Milwaukee customer base. 
  • Event sponsorships: Milwaukee is home to many large events that tens of thousands attend. We know which events are worth sponsoring and which ones will result in a solid ROI.
  • Mobile media advertising: Over 50% of all Google searches now occurs on mobile devices. Banner ads for mobile devices can result in a very positive advertising experience.
  • Group buying platforms & negotiation (Groupon, LivingSocial): Running the right promotion and promoting it via Groupon and LivingSocial can work wonder for companies in Milwaukee.
  • Social crowdsourcing campaigns: Implenting a crowdsourcing campaign effectively can kickstart your business and bring in the capital needed to grow your company.
  • Guerrilla marketing: It takes advertising experts to pull this type of campaign off effectively.

We will explain what makes our approach different and highlight why we believe we are your Milwaukee advertising agency.

Why You Need An Advertising Agency To Help You Grow

Partnering with a local advertising agency helps lay out a growth plan through complex marketing strategies. At Vertz Marketing, we have over 15 years of developing brands and businesses in the Milwaukee area through our proprietary advertising strategies.

One of the biggest reasons to work with an advertising agency is to make sure that the dollars you’re spending on advertising are cost-effective. We’ve spent years analyzing data and testing new effective advertising strategies in the Milwaukee area and understand exactly what it takes to grow a brand/business.

Why Local Companies Should Use Facebook And Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns have the power to bring in new customers by the dozen. Both Facebook and Instagram are effective, but only when done right. We understand how to make the most of both platforms to bring more customers to your business.

Make Vertz Marketing Your Home For Advertising

If you’re looking to reach more customers, grow your brand, and have a partner that understands advertising in the local area, look no further than Vertz Marketing.

We pride ourselves on working with small to mid-sized companies and helping them grow to their full potential. 

Every advertising approach considers our client’s budget and is designed for maximum ROI. So schedule your free marketing check-up today, and let us take your advertising to the next level.