In the fast paced world of marketing, your business needs a strategy to engage quickly with your customers to get them to interact with your brand from the moment they find your company. You need to be doing something your competitors likely have not so that there is no contest between your company and the next guy. Video is how today's customers want to learn about you and what you can provide them.

Vertz marketing offers a full range of video services for your company, including everything from creative concepting to final delivery:
  • Commercials for broadcast & online use
  • Website and social media strategy based video for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Sales, marketing and training videos for internal audiences
We’ll take a look at what your company needs to do to grow and help you implement a video media plan tailored to your company and your budget. We know the right dynamic needed to sell your services and educate your customers to move them to action. Shaky iPhone video won’t represent your brand or services. Video is a measurable media that sells, and it’s become the preferred method for customers to gather information.

On your website you have just a few moments to capture the interest of your next customer and you need to do it in small easy to digest bites that educate, inform, and make them want to know more. When you have just minutes to capture their attention the obvious choice is video. Show them, don’t tell them. People don’t read, they skim. Video can be effective in as little as 20-45 seconds of information, and the payoff when done right is the perception and understanding of what you do best within minutes of your customers landing on your site.

Next to Google, the biggest search engine used is YouTube. Increasingly, customers are looking to informative videos to teach them what they want to know. To sell your services the video needs to be done professionally by people who understand what sells. We want to help you create a video that converts, sells and inspires. Contact us today to talk about the best options for video services for your company.