It takes seven times more time and money to get a new client than it does to turn a past customer into a repeat or regular customer.

On average, a person has to see your ad at least 7 times before it’s noticed.

Your ideal customer has to see your ad or hear your offer about 16 times before they will even think about taking action to buy from you.

Are you retaining your existing clients? What would it mean to your bottom-line if you could increase repeat purchases from your past clients? Building profitability for the long-term is often about client retention. It’s not enough anymore to have just satisfied clients, you need LOYAL clients.

At Vertz Marketing, we specialize in helping companies in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin build profit centers around client retention. Our client retention practice is built around creating ‘Secret Service’ systems throughout your whole organization to provide a level of service your competitors will never be able to match. This will increase your customer retention rates dramatically so that you have loyal customers, not just satisfied customers.

Talk to our Milwaukee marketing experts today about our client retention programs to grow your company.