Marketing Tactics You May Not Have Considered

unusual marketing tips for Milwaukee businesses

Marketing is an incredibly broad industry, and quite all-inclusive. There are the traditional marketing efforts – sending out a catalogue, emails, trade shows – but sometimes there are effective marketing tactics you may have never thought to try! Here are a few things the experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee recommend trying for your business.

Attend networking events

Though it may not seem like there’s an immediate way to measure your return on “investment,” attending networking events is a great way to meet new and potential business partners or customers. Consider joining your local chamber of commerce or city organization! Generally these types of groups will host regular events where you can meet with tons of local professionals.

Support a charity/organization

Not only will sponsoring a charitable organization get your name in front of people, it will also create positive association for your brand name. It’s important, however, to be sure you’re active with the sponsorship. Participating in events or fundraisers for the organization is essential and, again, is another networking opportunity.

Consider a giveaway

Nowadays, the “try before you buy” mentality is more popular than ever. Having trouble getting new customers or clients? If financially possible, consider doing a giveaway of any type. Even something as simple as “get a free ____ when you purchase ____” will put a new product or service in front of existing customers and introduce new customers to two new things.

Let the experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee help you find new ways to market you business. Contact us today to learn more!