Print Marketing: It’s Not Dead!

print marketing for Milwaukee businesses

In an age of digital, well, everything, the art of print can sometimes be overlooked. It may seem like you have to go paperless to be “with the now,” but in fact it’s more popular than ever to use printed materials to market your business.

The complicated landscape of digital marketing is an ever growing space, with more and more information being added every day. That’s part of what makes print marketing so beautiful – simplicity. It offers users a break from their screen and resonates with them more deeply. Our dedicated team of print marketing experts want to help you understand the benefits of print marketing for businesses in Milwaukee. Here are just a few:

It’s tangible and effective.

The beauty of printed marketing materials is the fact you can hold them in your hand. It can be argued, yes, that an article you read on your phone is “in your hand,” but not in the same way you hold a catalog, brochure, postcard, etc. It’s all too easy to hit the delete button on a phone, computer, etc. and your promotional piece is gone forever. With a printed piece they have to physically throw it away, which means they have to spend at least a little time with it in their hands.

You’re able to reach your target market.

Whether you’re trying to reach a broad spectrum or a more niche group of potential customers, print marketing offers a variety of design and placement options. With help of professional printing companies, you can utilize comprehensive demographic tools to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

It’s more engaging.

When someone visits a website or views an email, they’re likely only spending about 15-20 seconds. With print marketing, people are likely to spend much more time looking at the piece. This leads to better retention in the long term.

Our team recently completed a premium full-color catalog for our partner, Warren Barnett Interiors, a high-end furniture store in Brookfield. The stunning images, beautiful design, and engaging copy work in harmony to create a captivating catalog, showcasing their vast array of products and the work of their award-winning interior designers. This is a prime example of a fantastic application of print marketing.

If you’re thinking about a print marketing campaign or want to learn more about the benefits, get in touch with the experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee. We’ll help you develop a design that fits your brand and set you up for success with a wonderful printed piece!