5 Huge Benefits of Having a Blog In 2023 For Local Businesses

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We all want to grow our business for the future. The end of the year is a very typical time when business owners will put in some effort to strategize and plan what they should be doing for the new year to really grow their business and their profits. As we’re in early December, we hope you’re taking some time and make some solid plans.

Today, we’d like to discussing the benefits of having a blog. If you don’t have a blog, you probably have heard of blogs, but what is it and why does my company need this? Blogs first came into popularity in the late 1990’s as the internet generation was taking off. ‘Blog’ is a combination of the words ‘Web’ and ‘Log’. In the beginning, blogs were seen more as a diary of information. Whether it was used for personal or business purposes, blogs contained information about the latest news, advice, or maybe even just random thoughts. As blogs gained popularity, businesses began to strategize on how they could take advantage of blogs. It’s been a long time since the word ‘blog’ was first coined in the 1990’s but for many savvy businesses, having a great blog is one of the best marketing strategies a company can have.

Easily Keep Your Website Fresh

One of the earliest benefits companies were able to see with a blog is the ability to provide relevant, timely information to their web visitors on a continual basis. Most websites, even today, do not have a content management system (CMS) where one can easily update information on your website without having a savvy technical programmer involved. Because of this, many websites look dated, old, and stagnant. Blogs changed this. With a blog, anyone with some basic skills can add a blog post and share new, relevant news at any time.

Search Engine Optimization

Being seen on Google and Bing for targeted keyword phrases is critical in growing a company’s business. If you were a consumer looking for what your company sells, what would you type into Google? Is your company anywhere to be found? Having a blog with articles optimized for these keyword phrases can grow your business in a way never seen before. There is a fair amount of technical knowledge needed to properly execute a SEO strategy, but blogging can make this a lot easier.

Utilize Blog Content for Social Media Marketing

If you have a blog, you then have built-in content to use in every social media tool you’re using. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Every blog article can be easily integrated and automatically posted to every social media site you’re using for your business. This will help your SEO strategy even more while helping you spread your marketing message to an even greater audience. Vertz Marketing even has tools which will take your blog posts and automatically place these posts on social media site for you.

Increase Revenue/Traffic

Having a blog significantly improves a businesses revenue when done the right way. Outside of SEO, you blog shows your potential clients that you are a serious business and that you have expertise/authority for your niche.

Grow An Email List

Growing an email list from your blog allows you to directly communicate with your targeted audience. By doing this, you are establishing trust, building brand awareness, and potentially increasing your sales. Your blog allows you target your audience and grow an email list with people who are open to your products/services.