Beware of Scams: How to Avoid SEO Ripoffs

Milwaukee SEO Tips

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has become one of the most important aspects of a company’s marketing plan. Our Milwaukee SEO efforts have helped our clients find new customers and increase their online presence. Unfortunately, many companies fall victim to what are essentially SEO scams. The number of companies that promise the world but don’t deliver. Here are a few tips you can follow to avoid being ripped off.

Don’t fall for “incredible” promises about link building.

One of the first things many people learn when they’re introduced to SEO is Google’s reliance on link building, or back links, in their rankings formula. In other words, it is believed that the more links pointing to a specific website, the better. After hearing this, many companies were formed in countries like China and India which hired numerous link builders. These companies would charge a few hundred dollars per month to build thousands of links. Unfortunately, the importance of large quantities of back links was more true a few years back, when SEO was fairly new. Nowadays, Google has gotten stricter and those low quality links will negatively affect a websites overall rankings. In other words, lots of companies paid to have their SEO rankings harmed.

Watch out for unsolicited emails.

Most of the time it’s fairly easy to spot a spammer. Whether it’s written a certain way or things just don’t match up, there’s usually something that makes it obvious. Unfortunately, some companies are good at masking the truth to the untrained eye. Many emails soliciting SEO services are written using extremely vague language and promises and don’t disclose any concrete evidence of credibility, like a company name or website. It’s important to ignore these emails and move on. These emails are generated by computers by companies just looking for a response.

Educate yourself!

Sometimes even the best of the best are outsmarted. To avoid getting outsmarted, in any situation, you have to be aware of what you’re dealing with. Continuing to read-up on SEO will make you more knowledgeable and able to make great decisions for your company.

If you’re looking to improve your Milwaukee SEO efforts, contact Vertz Marketing. Whether you’re starting fresh or trying to recover from an SEO downfall, we’ll help you develop a plan to boost your Milwaukee marketing plan!


Written by Tim Vertz