Boston Strong – How People Help Each Other

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Today marks the one year anniversary since the sad events at the 2013 Boston Marathon. When a tragic event such as this strikes, often it brings out how extraordinary people are.

Once news of what happened at the Boston Marathon started becoming known, we saw three great college students from Emerson College in Boston come to action. These three students wanted to do something to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Within hours they had an idea of creating a t-shirt and they hoped to be able to sell around a 100 of them online.

The first thing these college students did was to do what many of us do everyday – go to Google. These students went on Google and did a search looking for online t-shirt companies that can help raise money for charity. Within moments, they came across a company called Ink to the People, located right here in Milwaukee. The Emerson College students saw that they could design a t-shirt online, put it up for sale, spread the word and let people buy a shirt and have it shipped directly to each buyer – a great concept for fundraising.

This is where the phrase ‘Boston Strong’ was born. These Emerson College students came up with the phrase ‘Boston Strong’, designed a shirt reflecting the colors of the Boston Marathon with blue and yellow and put the shirt up for sale. Their goal was to sell about 100 t-shirts and donate all of the money to charity.

They did much more than that.

To date, these students have sold over 65,000 t-shirts and raised over $1,000,000 for the One Fund Boston. At Vertz Marketing, we wanted to sincerely thank Lane Brenner, Chris Dobens, Nick Reynolds and our client Ink to the People for everything they have done in the past 12 months to help everyone.

Here’s a clip of the Emerson College students on the Today show this week and what they’ve been able to accomplish with Ink to the People of Milwaukee.

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