#Facebook #Hashtag is Here! Milwaukee Marketing

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Catching up with what everyone else already likes to do – the hashtag. Yesterday, Facebook launched hashtag sorting functionality on Facebook. Similar to what has existed for a long time on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr – the hashtag has become the ubiquitous way to quickly organize information and get noticed online.

With this new Facebook feature, the hashtag will make the word following the hashtag a ‘hot link’ where a Facebook user can click on the word and see other people and businesses that have the same word as a hashtag as well. There can be a lot of positive business marketing uses for this to get their brand noticed by consumers that don’t necessarily know about their company or their products.

One quick tip we have for businesses that want to use this new functionality that also use Twitter. See how your Facebook posts look on Twitter. Also, remember if you have your Facebook business page integrated to Twitter that only the first 140 characters of your Facebook post will move over to Twitter (it’s actually less than 140 because a fb.me url shortener will be added at the end of your Tweet from Facebook too!). Because of the 140 character limitation on Twitter, you’ll want your Facebook hashtags at the front of the post instead of at the end so that your hashtag will work on Twitter too!

Using Instagram in your business? As we see more and more brands using Instagram, hashtags are very popular on this tool. Vertz Marketing actually has a custom Facebook app which can display all of your Instagram images, hashtags and comments right in Facebook. With this, now your Instagram hashtags will work in Facebook too!

As social media progresses there are many ways Milwaukee and Wisconsin businesses can use the latest tools to effectively promote their brand. Learn more about Vertz Marketing’s Milwaukee social media tools, web design, and SEO services or give us a call at 262-910-4125.