Incorporating Keywords Into Your Content

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When search engine optimization (SEO) first came to be, keyword stuffing was the tactic people used to essentially trick search engines into thinking their site was relevant. As Google, Yahoo!, and Bing’s algorithms become more sophisticated, their ability to detect low quality content has become much stronger. It’s no secret SEO is an ever-evolving tool, and we’re here to offer Milwaukee businesses some new tips and tricks to keep your content fresh and effective.

In essence, keywords may be holding you back.

Not that long ago, the norm when creating content for your site was to incorporate particular keyword phrases to trigger results. This strategy generally led to higher ranking results quite easily. The main issue with this strategy is the fact that the content is then lesser quality – it’s less appealing to readers because of the “brokenness” where the keywords were added in.

With the release of Panda from Google, this strategy has become ineffective and may now lead to penalties. Many businesses are unaware of this and have continued to put out content using keyword phrases that is therefore lesser quality than it could be.

The best thing to do, moving forward, is pay less attention to individual keywords and focus rather on broader phrases related to your topic. Rather than wondering if you’ve included the keyword enough times on the page, consider whether the topic and content are relevant to your audience and add value to your website.

If you’re in need of a bit of assistance in developing SEO friendly content for your company’s website, give the experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee a call. We’ll help you determine the best strategy to yield great results.