Is Digital Marketing In It for the Long Haul?

Milwaukee digital marketing

It’s no secret that, over the past decade, we’ve seen a constant upward trend in the adoption of digital marketing strategies among companies worldwide. What used to be a foreign concept to most has become an integral part of a company’s plan. The question remains…is this all here to stay, or is it just a fad?

Since the invention of the Internet, companies have changed the way they look at marketing and advertising. As consumers, whether we like it or not, we spend an incredible amount of time online. Between computers, phones, and “smart” everything, it’s hard to keep from experiencing digital marketing. Corporations, retail establishments, medical professionals – most every company and small business has some form of digital presence.

In difficult times, a company’s marketing budget tends to be the first to see cuts. Because marketing is, in most cases, not an essential piece of their basic operations, companies often see it fit to remove its funding. What they don’t realize is that marketing – particularly digital marketing – can often be the key to keeping a company afloat during lulls.

Nowadays, digital marketing plays an essential role in the success of companies everywhere, especially small businesses. Something as simple as a solid social media strategy, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and the like to engage customers, will help build ambassadors for a brand. Digital marketing allows customers to interact not only with the company itself, but other customers as well.

It’s safe to say that digital marketing will continue to evolve and grow and eventually play a major role in overall marketing. According to data from, digital marketing currently accounts for 1/4 of average overall marketing worldwide. Some areas, such as mobile, have seen larger growth than others, but the trend has been upward for quite some time and is projected to continue upwards.

For Milwaukee small- and medium-size businesses, establishing a solid marketing plan is a great way to help expand your business. At Vertz Marketing, we offer a variety of custom services that we can use to help you. Whether it’s a monthly blog or a brand new website, we work to help bring your company to the forefront of your industry. Contact our North Shore Business Office for more information!