Marketing for Mobile Retail in Milwaukee

Milwaukee mobile marketing

We often stress the importance of considering the mobile platform when designing a new website. Our Milwaukee marketing experts want to offer you a few tips to help ensure you’re off to the right start. We want to make sure you’re catering to your customers through a great interface.

Responsive design

The number one, most important aspect to creating a user friendly mobile platform is responsive design. Responsive design means that your website’s theme and appearance are automatically optimized for the mobile platform. Text, images, and other graphics are resized and moved around to accommodate different screen sizes – from smart phones to tablets.


While responsive design surely helps make the mobile experience great for your users, it’s important to consider the content on your site as well. When viewing a website on the comparatively smaller screen of a smartphone, users don’t want to be bogged down with long paragraphs of words, especially on product pages. When writing product descriptions, be concise. If larger amounts of information are necessary, consider putting it into a separate tabbed area that users can click to view.

Visuals are key

Similar to the point above, the type of content you’re posting has a huge effect on how customers behave on your website. By using well designed graphics and images, your customers will be more drawn to your product or service.

If you’d like to learn more about how responsive design can help your mobile retail sales, contact our team of marketing experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee. We’ll help you find a great solution for your company to get you the sales you want and deserve.