Milwaukee SEO Basics: URLs

Milwaukee SEO URLs

There are a number of factors that go into determining your SEO rankings, including content quality, keyword usage, inbound links, and more. One of the easiest tools involves the URL structure of the pages and posts on your website. When it comes to localizing your Milwaukee SEO strategy, this is especially helpful. Here are a few pointers.

Organization is key

Understanding how your website will function in terms of parent pages, child pages, and (if applicable) grandchild pages is crucial in settings up URLs. For example, if you operate an e-commerce site, your products are likely broken down into categories or classes. Think of your web pages the same way. Content management systems like WordPress, which is one of the most popular, make it quite easy to organize the page structure in outline form.

Readability for the win

Think of your URLs as an extension, or an introduction rather, to the content on the page. The URL should allow the reader to understand or get a basic idea of what the page is about. For example: if your page is showing the locations of your clothing stores in the Milwaukee area, the URL should read something like this:

An example of a poor URL structure is the:

By looking at the second URL, a reader would have no clue where they’re going. It would be quite obvious, however, that they could expect to find a clothing store location in the Milwaukee area by looking at the first URL!

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