Today’s Youth: YouTube and Facebook

Milwaukee social media

A few weeks ago, a study was released stating that Facebook’s popularity among younger audiences had decreased. Unfortunately, many business owners have overreacted and pulled funding for Facebook marketing. Whats important for Milwaukee marketing and advertising is looking at how this affects their individual campaigns.

It’s no surprise that the number of available social networks has grown rapidly. Things like Instagram and Vine have become huge over a matter of several months to a few years and continue to grow. Facebook, which can be referred to as the first largely successful social network, has an incredibly high adoption rate overall among a widespread audience.

One of the main reasons we see so many young people looking to other social media networks is that they haven’t been around Facebook long enough to have developed the level of comfort that others have. Comparatively, those aged college up through adult have had Facebook for quite some time and watched it grow. The younger generation, however, has been exposed to a multitude of platforms from early on, so it’s no surprise they’re ready to jump ship and try the “next big thing.”

Facebook’s biggest competitor at the moment, when it comes to kids, seems to be YouTube. YouTube has become known for its “vloggers” or video loggers. These vloggers, most of which also have blogs and presence on other social media channels, produce videos based around a given topic. The draw? A sense of belonging. These vloggers create huge fan bases and share their personal lives similar to a reality show, making the viewer feel connected to them. Many kids look forward to new videos and, in turn, spend more time on the site.

In the end, Facebook is still a huge platform with great potential for marketing to an enormous audience. Of course new platforms will emerge and gain popularity among a younger audience because they want to be part of the latest trend. Facebook still does and will continue to have incredible advertising power. So, in essence, there’s no need to be frightened by these types of statistics!

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Written By Tim Vertz