4 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Ads

With today’s Facebook landscape, it’s nearly impossible to get noticed as a business without even a small ad budget. There are so many posts added to the social media platform throughout the day which means post after post is pushed down users’ timelines. Unless your posts are being liked and shared by some of your followers, they won’t reach many users without some ad spend.

Our Facebook advertising experts work to help our clients throughout Milwaukee utilize budgets of all sizes to reach valuable customers. Here are four things you can do to help improve your ads and get more for your money.

Like real estate, location is everything

The beauty of Facebook is the built in location targeting tools. If you’re a smaller business looking to gain exposure near you, you can target your ads based on a zip code, city, or even your own address. Whether you’re looking for broad or precise targeted, the location section is a great tool.

Utilize the call-to-action buttons

For certain ad types, you can add a “call-to-action” button to the bottom corner. With options like “Apply Now,” “Contact Us,” “Download,” “Shop Now,” and more, there’s something fit for just about every situation. They help to give your ads a more custom feel. Keep in mind they’ll lead to whatever destination URL you set for the ad, so you’ll want the button to refer to that.

Consider adding Instagram targeting

Have an Instagram profile? The Facebook advertising platform covers both Facebook and Instagram, and setting up the latter is simple. All you need to do is connect your business account in the placement area and your ad will deliver to Instagram users as well. The ad customization tools are incredibly helpful, so you can get your ads looking great in no time.

Instagram targeting going into 2024 is a great approach as the majority of Facebook users are also on Instagram.

Try running more short-term ads

While it’s easier to set up ads that can run on an ongoing basis (note: you should still refresh these every month or two with new graphics), short-run ads can be incredibly effective. Whether you’re running a specific promotion or have an upcoming event, ads that run for as little as a few days to a few weeks can be quite efficient for the budget.

We know the setup process can seem quite complicated, so the Facebook ad experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee are here to help. Get in touch today to set up a complimentary business evaluation!