Are You Causing More Harm Than Good?

good versus bad seo practices for Milwaukee businesses

Search engines, with Google leading the way, have become very sophisticated since their inception. Algorithms, powered by artificial intelligence (AI, for short) can help you find exactly what you are looking for with almost eerie precision. And search engines learn in real time and adapt to your personal habits and preferences. They keep up with trends and news too.

In short, search engines are just much more useful than they were even five years ago. And, generally speaking, this is a good thing as people can find what they need with more ease and more accuracy.

But just as search engines have become smarter at returning results for their users, they have also become much more difficult to manipulate. This, too, is a good thing because it helps users find rich content and more organic results. It’s a good thing, that is, unless you are doing SEO the wrong way.

At Vertz Marketing, we’ve followed the changes in search engine optimization very closely and with great interest. Gone are the days of simple keyword stuffing and generic and vague copy. Additionally, these sophisticated search engine algorithms no longer just ignore poor practices and attempted manipulation efforts—they actually punish sites (via demoted ranking) for employing the tactics. Ignorance in SEO is no longer neutral, it’s dangerous.

If you’ve attempted SEO efforts for yourself without much education on the subject, or if it’s been several years since you had professionals optimize your site, your outdated or poorly-executed SEO efforts may actually be costing you business, and that’s never something we want to see for the small and medium-sized business owners of southeastern Wisconsin.

At Vertz Marketing, we specialize in search engine optimization, and we’re up on the latest news and information about these new sophisticated algorithms. If your business’s website needs some help, give us a call today and put us to work for you, helping your business grow and thrive.