Does Your Business Take a Summer Vacation?

the importance of taking vacations for businesses in Milwaukee

Summer has unofficially arrived in southeastern Wisconsin! The unofficial start, Memorial Day, has come and gone. Schools are starting to let out and families are starting to think about summer vacations.

If you own or manage a small business in Milwaukee, what does summer bring for your business? Do you operate on a modified schedule? Do you and your employees take some time off? Does your business pick up with tourists and vacationers in town? The answer is going to be a bit different for every different type of business.

As we’ve mentioned before, we know small and medium-sized business owners to be some of the hardest working people we’ve ever met. Don’t they deserve a vacation too? Absolutely! And summer can be a great time to get away. But just because you are on vacation, does your business need to be as well?

At Vertz Marketing, we understand that you may need to be away at times, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop promoting your business. When you’re on vacation, your business can still be working hard and working for you. Potential clients and customers are all over the place and they need to hear about what you’re doing!

If you are looking to grow your business (and to keep it growing, even when you are on vacation), contact us at Vertz Marketing today. We’ll keep promote your business all summer long—whether you are around or not. Take that well-deserved trip, and leave the marketing up to us!