Cutting Through the Clutter

These days, there’s no shortage of advertising and marketing messages in our daily lives. They say that on average, a person can see up to 5,000 ads or ad messages per day. Consumers are becoming more wary and less likely to pay attention to all of the messages they see, because of course with that many messages coming at them, how can they? With consumers spending more time online these days, these messages are primarily coming from digital advertising they are seeing across the web, social media platforms, and in the media they consume.

With that in mind, marketers are tasked with crafting each marketing and advertising message in such a way that they make the right consumers stop and pay attention. Though we undoubtedly have more ways and technology at our disposal to be able to reach our target audience, the marketing and advertising landscape is also more competitive than ever before. Here’s a few tips to help your marketing messages cut through the clutter.

Be Real By Sharing Your Brand Story & Values

Consumers are more wary of marketing messages these days and are also more trained to ignore messages that don’t feel authentic or real. They want to support and be loyal to brands that have an authentic message, stick to their values, and show that they care about their employees and customers alike.

Create a Customer-Centric User Experience

Seemingly every business has a website presence these days. But in the digital marketing space, not all websites are equal. What some businesses fail to realize is that their website contains all of the information that they see as useful information, but the consumer may not feel the same way. Understanding consumer behavior and creating a website based on the user and not the product is key to standing out among the crowd.

Give Your Audience a Reason to Stay & Engage

Social media is the quickest and easiest entry into digital marketing and reaching a large consumer base on a daily basis. But, that doesn’t mean to go in without a plan. It’s important to create content that is both informative, engaging, and entertaining. You want your audience to slow or stop their scroll when they reach your content, and have a reason to show their appreciation for it or engage with it.

In a saturated marketing environment, it’s important to come up with a strategy for your marketing and advertising messages that can stand out and be impactful for your audience. This means figuring out the best and most effective ways to cut through the advertising clutter that’s out there. For businesses, we recommend doing this by sharing stories and messaging that aligns to your values, focusing on the user experience, and giving your audience the opportunity to engage and interact with your brand.