Digital Marketing Amplifies Traditional Messages

Milwaukee digital marketing amplifying traditional marketing

As digital marketing experts in southeastern Wisconsin, we’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of businesses in the Milwaukee area. As we’ve talked to these business owners and managers, there are several themes we hear over and over again about their presuppositions about marketing their products or services. We certainly don’t have the space here to address all of the things we commonly hear, so today we’ll focus on one common misconception we hear: “My product or service doesn’t really lend itself well to a digital marketing campaign.”

For a variety of reasons, some business owners simply don’t think that it would be effective or appropriate to engage their clients and customers in a digital format or on social media. Perhaps it’s a company with a very long history in a community, and they feel like advertising digitally would give a “trendy” feel to the brand they’ve worked hard to establish as timeless. Or perhaps it’s a product or service with a reputation as “rugged” and “tough,” and things like computers, the internet, and social media feel like the wrong tools for conveying the message.

But in 2018, these digital methods of advertising and communicating are so engrained into our culture that the medium itself is no longer the focus. What does this mean for your business? It means that it’s your message that will make the impression, and the format it takes—though extremely important—is in-and-of-itself no longer the primary focus.

Social media, e-mail, digital video, and all forms of electronic communication are extremely effective tools for conveying a business’s message, but the message is still completely up to you. You can emphasize your business’s rich history in digital form, and the form won’t be a distraction. People will hear the message. Potential clients and customers still care about the things they have always cared about – service, value, expertise, and quality – and you can bring across that message more effectively and more clearly than ever before in history.

So if you own a small or medium-sized business in southeastern Wisconsin and you’ve dismissed digital marketing in your mind, it may be time to reconsider. At Vertz Marketing, we are ready and willing to help you convey the powerful message you want to convey, and we’ll put powerful digital tools to work for you to help your business grow.