Halftime Adjustments

halftime for your Milwaukee marketing strategy

We’ve just marked the first official day of summer, and many of us are looking forward to the warmer months, the long days, and the pleasant evenings that often accompany this season in southeastern Wisconsin. And for many, summer months may also seem to be a bit more relaxed and laid back than other portions of the year. We hope you and your employees are able to take advantage of this time of year.

But while some rest and relaxation are all well and good, you still do have a business to run. So what does summer mean for your business?

Allow a sports analogy. Imagine that the start of summer is the end of the “first half” for your business this year. The next month or two of summer is your “halftime.” Good coaches use the halftime break in a game to evaluate the first half, look at what they’ve done well and is working, and look at what needs an adjustment for the second half. Many important games have been won or lost because of how a team decides to come out of the locker room after making their half time adjustments.

So it is with your business. Take this time of year to look back over the “first half.” Are things going really well? Great! Don’t take your foot off the gas, and keep doing what’s been working. Are you having a bit more trouble than you had hoped for? Don’t give up on the year. Really strategize to decide which adjustments you might need to make for the “second half” so you can get back out there and make this a winning year for your business even if it started out slowly.

And finally, if you need some assistance evaluating the marketing plan for your business now that the “first half” is over, contact us at Vertz Marketing today and let us get to work for your business and make the adjustments with you that you need to make sure the second half of 2018 is a great half for your business.