Here’s Why You Should Be Utilizing Instagram Insights

Instagram insights for Milwaukee marketing

We already know businesses need to take advantage of social media in their marketing strategy, but do you know about Instagram Insights? Instagram Insights is the next level for businesses that want to take their Instagram seriously and gain more engagement. This feature allows businesses to learn about their audience with stats, charts, and graphs. Here’s why you should be utilizing Instagram Insights in your business.

Measure which posts perform the best

With Instagram Insights, you are able to see which posts received the most interactions, meaning who clicked on your page after viewing the post. The information is crucial when deciding which posts you will promote (also a feature on Instagram Insights) as you only want to promote your best posts. This information can also help guide you on what your viewers liked seeing, and what you should continue to post more of.

Learn when to post

Believe it or not, posting at certain times of day matters. Depending on your audience, posting around 7 pm on a Monday may be the most active time of the week for your followers. You can learn about when your followers are most active on Instagram with Instagram Insights. Use this knowledge to your advantage by always posting at these times and increase your social media engagement.

Understand your audience better

Instagram insights provide many statistics on your followers such as their gender, age, residential area, and much more. It is so important that you know who your audience is so that you can market towards them. These are the people who will share your posts and expose you to new followers, so you need to make sure your posts are engaging them. Knowing who your audience is is the first step to this.

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