Historically-Low Unemployment

using digital marketing to find new employees in Milwaukee

Unemployment in Wisconsin is at a historic low. That’s right: unemployment, at just 2.8%, is the lowest it’s been in the state since the statistic has been tracked. And unemployment in America, is also at a seventeen-year low in 2018. Generally speaking, these kind of numbers are good news for the economy and for the people of the state and the people of the country.

But what if you own or manage a small business? What do the unemployment numbers mean for you? People are starting to find out.

At Vertz Marketing, we’re used to owners of small businesses coming to us for advice on how to reach more potential clients and customers. But with unemployment at a record low, we’re now seeing more and more people reach out to us to find out how they can recruit quality employees too. With unemployment as low as it is, competition for recruiting and retaining good employees is at an all-time high.

As experts in Milwaukee-area digital marketing, we’ve found that many of the digital tools that we utilize for reaching potential clients and customers can also serve the dual purpose of searching for and securing high-quality employees. By implementing these tools for your business, you can reap the benefits of increased customer traffic and also be able to recruit the employees you need to make your business run the way it should.

If you know you need to start taking advantage of all the wonderful digital tools available, give us a call at Vertz Marketing today and let us get you started with our free marketing audit.