How Poor Reviews Help Your Business

poor reviews and marketing your business in Milwaukee

Even the best businesses experience the nuisance of bad reviews. No matter how well you conduct your business, there will always be disgruntled customers who take to the internet to air their criticisms and complaints. It can sometimes be shocking to see these negative reviews come through, but we’re here to offer a bit of comfort. When it comes to marketing your business in Milwaukee, these negative reviews can actually help your business.

We’ll start off by saying this: you shouldn’t encourage these types of reviews. We would never recommend you tell people who have had a bad experience to go pronounce their feelings in a review! That said, here’s how the ones that do come in can help.


Have you ever looked at a company’s reviews on their website and thought to yourself, “wow, everyone’s had an incredible experience!” To some, this can seem a bit suspicious – a business with no negative reviews. If your business has 100% positive feedback, many people will figure you’re writing your own reviews or filtering out the bad ones. Essentially, the occasional negative review will lend credibility to the positive ones.


Another reason negative reviews can be helpful is that it shows how you handle yourself in a situation where you’re being “called out” for something. Ignoring, deleting, or posting a snappy response may be the more satisfying options, but taking the high road and responding with sincere apologies will show customers that you care.
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