How To Create Great Content For Your Social Media Accounts

A great social media presence for businesses is becoming more and more important as the years go on. Social media is constantly advancing, and companies need to hop on the bandwagon to compete with their competitors. It’s never too late to get started, but there are a few ground rules you need to know before diving in. One of the most important things to know is that you need to have quality, thought-out content. You can’t just post the first thing that comes to mind. Creating great content is the best way to gain followers fast, allowing you to reach more people and expand your customer base. Here’s how you can create great content for your social media accounts.

Plan your posts in advance

In order to post quality content, it cannot be last minute. Quality posts with high engagement rates have planned a picture, pose, setting, caption, and time/day of posting. Set aside a day or two to plan, create, and edit content, and then decide when the best time will be to post it. Check out your Instagram Insights to see when your followers are most active, and be sure to post during that time. 

Captions and hashtags

Captions are a place for you to explain why you are posting a picture, the meaning behind it, and help you connect with your audience on a deeper level. Use this feature wisely and be short and to the point so that users don’t lose interest. If a follower sees a long paragraph, chances are they will keep scrolling. Utilize hashtags as well to reach new audiences and expand your reach.

Find new ideas

One of the best ways to keep your content fresh, new, and exciting is to seek inspiration elsewhere. While you should always put your own twist on things and try your best to be original, there’s nothing wrong with checking out what competitors are doing. You can also look at other social media pages or Pinterest to find inspiration for pictures, captions, and post ideas (ex. feature an employee every Friday).

Creating great content takes a lot of planning and commitment, which many businesses don’t have the time or resources for. If your business is struggling to create engaging content, Vertz Marketing is here to help YOU! Our agency specializes in social media marketing, and we know the recipe for success. To get started, give us a call at (262) 910-4125 today!