How to Master Marketing on TikTok

Milwaukee TikTok marketing

TikTok is the newest app on the market that the younger generations have blown up. Seriously – if you’re looking to market to a younger crowd, your brand needs to learn how to excel on TikTok. Video marketing is the next big thing, whether you like it or not. Either get on board with it now or fall behind your competitors. 

Keep up with the trends

TikTok trends change faster than anything you’ve ever seen before. Whether it be the sounds, dances, or filters, there’s something new trending every week. The best way to market on TikTok is to stay on top of the trends. Make videos that follow the current trends and put your own twist on them to stand out!

Post daily

When you post often, the TikTok algorithm will reward you. While no one knows exactly how the algorithm works, we do know that it rewards creators who post often because it keeps users on the app longer (ultimately profiting TikTok). So, the more you post, the more your videos will get shown, and the more engagement you will receive! Just remember, quality > quantity.

Keep it casual

Everyone’s favorite brands on TikTok are the ones that aren’t afraid to be a little silly! Keep your videos casual – remember, you’re targeting a young generation! You don’t need to be overly professional. The TikToks that succeed are the relatable ones. So get on the level of Gen Z! And don’t forget to engage with other creators as well. There’s nothing better than watching a funny video and clicking the comments just to see brands jumping in on the fun as well.

Stay in your niche

Once you have found your niche, play to your audience as well as play to your strengths. When you see specific types of content are connecting, hone in on it and continue to produce similar content.

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