How to Improve Your Social Media Content

Milwaukee social media tips

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for small business. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to get your message across, and allows quite a bit of flexibility in terms of content. With people spending so much time on social networks, it’s important for your company to pay close attention to how you’re portraying yourself. Our Milwaukee social media team has a few tips to consider as you develop content. Take a look.

Stick with it

It can seem tedious, but consistency is a key element to success on social media. You don’t need to be posting multiple times per day. Keeping to a schedule – even if it’s just twice a week – will help you get in the habit.

Don’t be robotic

This one can be incredible easy to forget. Social media users don’t just want to be bombarded with posts selling things all the time. Use your brand’s voice to interact with and engage your customers. It’s okay to be funny or witty, so long as it’s in keeping with your brand. The goal of social media is essentially to develop a digital relationship with people, so create your posts as though you’re speaking with someone.

Switch things up

Coming up with ideas for posts can get difficult. If that’s the case for you, remember there’s no template you have to follow. It’s okay to post things like photos of your employees at a company party, happenings around the store/office, and relevant articles. Be sure to keep a professional mindset, though. Don’t get yourself into trouble by posting inappropriate things.

If you’re in need of some assistance getting a social media plan developed, get in touch with the Milwaukee social media team at Vertz Marketing. We’ll sit down with you for a complimentary businesses assessment to determine the best approach for your company!