Knowing (and Growing) Your Target Audience

identifying your target audience for Milwaukee businesses

Different businesses seek to serve different segments of the population. While some businesses have a broad reach and offer a product or service that a good percentage of the population wants or needs, others target a narrower segment. For example, one could argue that what a grocery store sells is relevant for all people. After all, all people need food to survive, and therefore, food is a relevant product for all people. But yet all people won’t choose to shop at the same grocery store. We have choices, and we might like what one grocery store offers more than another.

Likewise, a business that sells hunting gear targets only a specific segment of the population: hunters. Automatically, there is going to be a large segment of the population that won’t be interested in even stepping foot in the store. And that’s ok!

On the surface, it might seem that the most successful businesses are going to be the ones that offer a product or service that appeal to a large percentage of the population. The rationale is that more potential customers means more actual customers. And while this might seem to make some sense, it’s not always how things end up working out. There are many other considerations that drive sales and make for a successful business, one being how a business markets and advertises itself.

Because of the plethora of choices potential clients and customers have, it’s more important than ever to know whom you are targeting with your products or services. The advent of the internet and social media advertising has made it easier than ever to reach the people you want to reach with incredible accuracy, but that only works if you know who you want to reach in the first place.

At Vertz Marketing, our years of experience working with hundreds of Milwaukee-area businesses of all sizes has given us the expertise to help our clients identify and expand their client or customer base. When you partner with us, we’ll help you identify the people you really want to be targeting, and then help you get your clear message across to them. The result: more business for you.

So if you know it’s time to grow your business, give us a call today and let us help you get started identifying and targeting your audience.