Marketing During a Global Pandemic

As we continue to navigate through the current world health pandemic, businesses and consumers are adapting to new ways of working. When major shifts occur, it’s expected that consumer behaviors will change as their priorities shift from personal growth and exploration to protective mode. With more consumers primarily staying at home, less time spent commuting to and from work, and for some, taking on additional roles and responsibilities within their family, all while trying to keep their head above water. Just as these are tough times for businesses, trying to maintain their operations, avoid the need to layoff or furlough employees, and keep the lights on, consumers are working hard to adapt to the new normal.

During times like these, marketing efforts for businesses need to be reviewed and pivoted as necessary. Making sure that your messaging aligns with your brand values as well as new trends in the market is key to maintaining a positive image with your existing and potential customers. If you’re reviewing your marketing strategy and making shifts, here’s a few ways you can ensure marketing strategy is going to support you through tough times.

Adapt Your Marketing Messaging & Tactics

Many businesses have been quick to adapt their messaging so it aligns to their brand values, but also recognizes and is relevant to the current situation. Consumers need to know that you’re aware of the current situation and want to be in the know of how this may impact how they can engage and interact with your business.

Understand Shifts in Market Trends

Though no one necessarily predicted the occurrence of a global pandemic to start out the year, it’s important to try to understand how it will affect the market and shape trends in your industry. This applies to the current state of business, as well as how this pandemic will continue to affect the market and shape industry trends in the future. It’s important to understand that there will be significant long term impacts of this pandemic.

Be Cognizant of Changing Consumer Behavior

With more consumers spending more time indoors and focusing on restocking their necessities, their purchasing and media consumption habits are changing. They are turning to media and content streaming services, as well as gaming applications to pass the time. They are adopting delivery services and making more online purchases. Because of this, reviewing your digital marketing tactics and advertising mediums is of utmost importance.

Be Empathetic, Sympathetic, & Transparent

Showing that your business shares the struggle and confusion of your consumers is another important aspect to creating and strengthening positive relationships and brand image. But it needs to be genuine. Don’t try to exploit the tragedy or be excessively promotional in order to drive profits during this time. You can continue to promote your products or services, but understanding that your customers are experiencing hard times and showing empathy will go a long way in establishing brand trust, especially once the pandemic is over.

We are all traveling through new terrain right now as we continue to try to understand the current situation and the impacts it will have on businesses and consumers. Being able to adapt and respond with agility is going to determine which businesses are going to survive the global pandemic. Managing and updating your marketing strategy will be important to ensuring that success. You can do so by modifying your marketing messaging as needed, working to understand shifts in the market and industry trends, reacting to changing consumer behaviors, and presenting your marketing messaging with empathy and transparency. This will help your business develop strong relationships, build brand trust, and increase your brand value in the eyes of consumers during these challenging times.