Marketing Lessons To Learn From Political Campaigns

Milwaukee marketing lessons from presidential campaigns

At this point, most of us are just about ready for the presidential election to be over. As with most elections, it’s the primary focus of most media outlets and a major topic of conversation for politicians and the general public alike. Truth is, there’s a lesson to be learned from everything – and political campaigns are no exception. Our team of Milwaukee marketing experts is here to help you understand how your small business can learn a thing or two from the election process.

Find your followers

In presidential politics – or politics of any kind – it’s about building a coalition of people who stand behind the beliefs and ideas of the one running. Of course, with an end goal of winning the election. If you think about this from a business perspective, you need to have a true understanding of your target market: who do you need to go after? It’s not always just about the revenue, but the profits. You want to be sure you’re getting the attention of the most profitable clients and selling the most profitable products.

Don’t let your competitors define you

This is something we see far too often in political campaigns – attack ads against the opponent. As a business, it’s important not to lose track of the narrative. What your customers think of you is important, so you need to be the one telling your brand’s story. Perception is reality, so you don’t want to allow others the opportunity to create your brand’s image.

Avoid being “out-marketed”

Oftentimes in politics, the one who spends the most money on marketing and advertising is the one who wins. It’s a simple logic, and it reigns true. The same can be said about business. If you don’t spend anything on marketing your company, you can’t expect people to come running through the door.

Only go negative when you have to

This one will likely only apply to a select few companies, that is, most companies wouldn’t need to take a stab at another company. For applicable moments, it’s important to think carefully about how you deliver the message. In competitive industries, it’s possible to point things out about the competition without sounding petty or juvenile. If you need to defend your company, do so in a professional manner.

This presidential election is quite certainly a unique one. Even with it’s quirks, there are still valuable lessons to be learned. If your company is in need of marketing help, get in touch with our Milwaukee marketing experts to schedule a complimentary business evaluation.