Need New Customers? Try These Strategies.

how to get new customers for your Milwaukee business

With the holidays just around the corner, we’re all scrambling to stay ahead of what will likely be a busy season. With that said, this time of year is when many businesses can expect to see some new faces. Whether they’re only seasonal or not, new customers are essential to the growth and continued success of your business. Our Milwaukee marketing experts want to share a few ways you can work to acquire new customers now and in the future.

Host an event

Too often, consumers head to a store to simply check out a product then go home and search online for the best price. This phenomenon, known as “showrooming,” is a relatively new barrier that you should try to avoid. By hosting an event, you can bring people in with the hopes they’ll spend a greater amount of time in the store and buy something.

Boost word-of-mouth through referrals

Consumers often trust the opinions of their family and friends most. What better way to gain new customers than by encouraging your existing ones to send their friends and family! A simple discount or promotion that offers an incentive to both the existing customer and the new customer is a great start.

Partner with another local company or charity

Oftentimes, cross promotion is a great way to help two businesses sell more of their respective products or services. That great new health food eatery in town could gain quite a few new fans by partnering with a local fitness club. A chic furniture store could surely benefit from a partnership with a residential real estate group. It’s all about finding a company or charity that aligns with your vision and is considered trustworthy. Remember: it’s a two way street – you should help each other, not just yourself!

If you’re looking to grow your customer base this season, get in touch with the experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee. We’ll work to help determine the best course of action to get more people through the door and drive revenue!