The Power of Social Media

the importance of a Milwaukee social media presence

Social media platforms, and especially Facebook, have been in the news quite a bit lately. And it’s probably a very good and healthy thing that Americans are starting to pay closer attention to how their data is stored, shared, and used by social media companies and by advertising networks. These networks hold an incredible amount of data about everyday Americans, and when the data is used responsibly and transparently, the results can be extremely positive for both businesses and the American consumer.

If nothing else, this recent close examination of how social networks function and use data has taught us one thing: these networks are very powerful and very effective tools for businesses to be using. At no other time in history has it been possible to target a potential customer base with such accuracy and effectiveness.

And the awesome power of social media isn’t just for big companies either – everyone can and should be taking advantage. No matter what size business you own or manage, having a well-curated social media presence is an absolute must.

At Vertz Marketing, we specialize in social media marketing, and we’ve been at it since the advent of social networking. Our experience and expertise mean that, when we go to work for our clients, they see real results from effective campaigns.

If you currently don’t have a social media presence, or if you do but know you could be doing things more effectively, give us a call at Vertz Marketing today and put us to work for your business. It’s what we do, and we do it very well!