Who Are You Running Your Business For, Anyway?

why do you own a Milwaukee business?

We’ve mentioned it in the past: businesses exist to make money. It might seem like a cold and calculating way of putting it, but it’s true, nonetheless. And it’s nothing to apologize for. After all, the money businesses make goes to pay employees and support families and to stimulate the economy which helps just about everyone in some way or another.

And while businesses do exist to make money, we’d like to take a minute today to encourage you to think about the people your business affects. Who are the people for whom you are running your business?

The first answer may be obvious: yourself. Business owners need to be making money for themselves to pay the bills and so that they can continue running their business. A business that doesn’t make any money can’t survive very long. If you have a family, the money you make also goes directly to support them and it’s your way of providing for them.

But it’s also true that you run your business for a lot of other people too. Sometimes business owners can get so wrapped up in the day-to-day aspects of running a business that they can forget all the good they are doing in the community simply by being there and doing what they do. Your business exists because it fills a need. People depend on what you do for their own personal lives or to keep their own businesses up and running. When they know they can rely on your business to fill those needs for them, it helps them out immensely.

At Vertz Marketing, our work with hundreds of small businesses all over southeastern Wisconsin has taught us a great deal about the good people who run these businesses. If the hard work and long hours you put in to run your business can wear you down at times, we’ve found that it’s a helpful pick-me-up to really stop and think about all the ways your business serves your neighbors and your community.