Seasonal Strategies for Marketing

seasonal Milwaukee marketing strategies

The distinct change in seasons is one of the things many people love about living in Southeastern Wisconsin. While it’s true that most of us could imagine ourselves on a beach somewhere in the dead of winter, it’s also probably fair to say that, if we didn’t experience our four distinct seasons, we’d miss it.

As the owner or manager of a small or medium-sized business, have you thought about how the changes in season affect your business? Have you ever considered the marketing potential that comes with each change in season?

For some, the change in seasons might have a profound and automatic effect on business. Take, for example, a landscaping company. Because of the nature of the weather, there will be times when planting HAS to happen and times when it CANNOT happen. There will be times when it is time to plow the snow and times when it’s time to lay pavers. The season dictates the work and the direction the business goes.

But other businesses aren’t tied to the change in season so much. For owners and managers of these types of business, we’d like you to take a few minutes to think about Wisconsin’s changes in season and how you can use this to your business’s advantage. Is there a particular product or service that lends itself to one time of year better than another? Promote it at just the right time! Can you take the product or service you sell and make a creative connection to the time of the year or create some kind of association in the mind of your clients and customers? Go for it! Conversely, is there something that would seem so inappropriate for the time of year that the absurdity will make people sit up and take notice? It’s something to think about!

We at Vertz Marketing call the Milwaukee area home too, and we know the change in seasons in Wisconsin is very much a big part of what makes this home for us and everyone else here, too. Use these changes as a catalyst for doing some great promotion for your business and get creative selling your products and services!