How to Shape Up Your Email Marketing

email marketing tips for small businesses in Milwaukee

Email continues to be one of the greatest ways to communicate with customers. For small businesses, it’s a simple way to keep people informed about what’s going on with your company. Though there are many other types of digital communication tools, email has proven to be one of the best, as it’s easily accessible on a variety of platforms.

Focus on great content

As you work to develop content for your emails, there are a number of factors to consider. If you have the tools to create them, personalized emails are shown to have a much higher rate of response through clicks and conversions. If you don’t, be sure to think carefully about what you send. Keep emails informative, but don’t overwhelm readers. Most emails are opened on mobile devices, so the more concise the better.

Take a new look at your lists

For some small businesses, a simple monthly newsletter is exactly what customers are looking for – an email subscription to keep them in the loop, but without bogging down their inbox. For others, customers may want an experience that’s a bit more tailored. A great way to do that is by analyzing your lists. Segmenting your lists according to interests, demographics, or otherwise will allow you to send emails to specific groups of customers.

Consider how often to send

The frequency at which you should send out emails is different for each business. Depending on your industry and the way you operate your business, emails can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Once per month is a good amount if your customers don’t necessarily need your product or service very often. This will ensure your people are kept aware of your company, but without being too overbearing. For some, daily or weekly digest emails are helpful if there’s a need to know what’s going on.

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