Ward Off the Winter Blues

winter business tips for marketing

Though we’re well into winter in southeastern Wisconsin, often the second half of the season is when we experience some of the fiercest weather. With record-setting cold temperatures and lots of ice and snow recently, no one can doubt that it is, very much, winter in the upper Midwest.

And if you own or manage a business, the weather has, undoubtedly, affected that business in one way or another. During some of the most extreme weather, maybe you’ve even had to close your doors or tell your employees to stay home. This time of year can feel long, slow, and tiring.

But if you find business declining and the days dragging by because of the cold, dark days, try adjusting your mindset and turn the time of year into a positive for your business. For example, if you see a lull in business, use the slowdown to take on a project you’ve been unable to address during the busy part of the year. Take time to slow down and clear your mind and figure out how you want to be doing things – not just how you have been doing them out of necessity. Be intentional about how you want your business to run, and how you can grow your business, in the upcoming busy season.

And finally, if your business is experiencing a slowdown during the winter months, it’s the perfect time to finally get to work on a marketing plan if you don’t have one already. Your friends at Vertz Marketing are ready to help you make the most of your time this winter and partner with you on a winning strategy for growing your business.