Why Print Marketing Still Matters

print marketing in Milwaukee, WI

In a digital age, many people consider print marketing to be somewhat of a lost art. Smart phones, computers, email, tablets – everything seems to be on a screen. At Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee, we encourage our clients to consider the many benefits of professionally printed materials in their marketing plans.

Print marketing is far from dead. If you look at what’s called “neuromarketing,” which deals with how our brain processes things, it’s easy to see why print marketing brings great value to your business. Here’s why:

Printed materials spark emotion

Something as simple as handing your business card to someone sparks an emotion – you’re giving someone a tangible object they can connect to a certain feeling. Things like brochures, flyers, and other handouts with information about your business are things people can retain. Digital files are great because they’re convenient, but they’re quickly and easily “forgotten.” Studies even show that the use of thicker paper increases the amount of emotion a person uses to process something. In turn, it will be much easier for your brain to recall that information over time.

Going back to basics

There’s recently been an insurgence of “old school” marketing tactics like direct mail. Many people likely receive postcards in the mail with information about sales or special discount offers. Connecting back to the emotion, as postcards are printed on thicker card stock this gives the impression it’s something of value. People are likely to see these physical pieces and take action to them.

Fonts reign supreme

You may not think of it, but fonts are hugely important. For digital, simple fonts are best. It’s a different story, however, for print. A study at Princeton showed consumers were better able to recall the information on marketing pieces that used more complex fonts. This is based around the idea that your brain has to work a bit harder to process the information. Just another example of how print can have better recall than digital.

The bottom line: pay attention to digital aspects in your marketing strategy, but don’t forget print! The possibilities are great and there are many ways to effectively integrate it into your plan. If you’d like to learn more about how your business can benefit from print marketing, contact Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee today!