Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

You’d be hard pressed to find someone nowadays who hasn’t heard of Facebook, has their own account, or knows someone who does. It has quickly become one of the greatest tools for business, particularly due to its advertising platform.

Years ago, business pages were a great way to build a community of people who were interested in your product or service. Over the years, changes to the structure of Facebook as a whole have made certain aspects to managing a business page a bit more difficult, particularly for small businesses.

One of the first things we recommend to our marketing clients in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin is to, if they aren’t already doing so, start running Facebook ads. Here’s why:


Due to the incredibly high volume of people who use Facebook daily, it can be incredibly difficult to get organic views on your posts. With a budget of even $1 per day, the Facebook advertising platform can help get your post in front of both people who follow you and people who don’t. This is a relatively inexpensive way to get your name in front of people. Obviously, the higher your daily budget, the higher the potential reach.


Have specific groups of people you want getting your message? Facebook ads have you covered. These ads can be broken down by the usual geographic location, age, gender, etc. but that’s not all. You can target people based on school’s they added, workplaces, job titles, and even interests. These tools are great if you have a very specific core demographic.

Custom Audiences

Another great tool that exists within the Facebook advertising platform is Custom Audiences. Facebook allows you to upload customer lists and matches emails or phone numbers to Facebook members. This means you can target ads specifically to existing customers for special promotions or up-selling techniques.

With years of experience, our marketing gurus can help you get the most from your Facebook ad campaigns. Give Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee a call to schedule a complimentary on-site business analysis and see how you, too, can benefit from this fantastic platform!