2013 Trends in Marketing for Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Milwaukee Marketing

As the November chill is here, we’re all starting to think about the end of the year and what 2013 will bring to us. Our clients expect Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee to know what’s next in making sure they are one step ahead of their competition. While there are many trends we are seeing for 2013, we wanted to focus on three areas to take special notice of for your business in the coming months.

1. Content Marketing

We often write and talk about ‘content marketing’ and we can’t stress this enough, especially for small and mid-size businesses in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Content marketing is the ‘new’ advertising. With content marketing, you are publishing information (often educational information) that your target market can easily consume. The best example of content marketing is blogging. Having a blog (preferably a wordpress.org back-end) can help you gain trust with your target market and ways never seen before. By having appealing, engaging content, you will not only have a great blog to point prospects to, but this content can be repurposed for all social media tools including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more. The secret with content marketing if done right, is this can have a HUGE effect on your search engine optimization (SEO).

2. Photo Sharing

What do consumers like to see most? It’s undoubtedly photos and lots of them. If you’re building a local consumer brand, you need to be sharing photos to engage and target your prospects. Although content marketing is extremely important (see #1 above), so is sharing engaging photo content. With photo sharing, this can be done regularly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and newer Milwaukee social media marketing areas like Instagram and Pinterest. There’s a right way and a wrong way to engage consumers. Do this the right way and you’re customers will love you.

3. Everything Is Not Online!

As a small or mid-size business, too many companies are advising to move ALL of your marketing online. Although new technologies (mostly online) have become extremely effective and financially appealing, there is a place for traditional marketing tactics if done the right way. We are seeing too many ad agencies pushing to an online only format and we think this can be a huge mistake for your business and cost you dearly. With measured ROI there is a place for direct mail, print marketing, radio, person to person network marketing, billboards, and sometimes TV advertising. This all depends upon your target demographic, your budget, and the price point of your products. If a company is telling you to go ‘online only’ it’s buyer beware. Often times these companies that are pushing you in this direction are doing so because they don’t have the creative capabilities or marketing expertise to help you outside of the online arena.

These are just a few of our marketing trends for 2013. Check back for more trends in the coming weeks from Vertz Marketing. If you’re interested in receiving a free, complimentary on-site Milwaukee marketing and business development analysis for your company, please give Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee a call today at 414-379-1677, click the contact us button above or email us at info@VertzMarketing.com.