Back to School for Your Business

back-to-school concepts for Milwaukee businesses

It’s officially September, and the back-to-school vibe is in the air. Stores are running their sales on supplies, and, if you have children, they may have already started school or will be starting right after the Labor Day holiday. If you think back to your own childhood, what memories do the words “back to school” conjure up in your mind? Maybe you hated the idea that summer was ending, or maybe you loved back-to-school season because it meant a fresh start to a new year.

If you own or manage a business, you might be asking yourself what the theme “back to school” has to do with your business. While it’s true that you or your business may not be going back to school in any literal sense of the phrase, it might be a good opportunity to take a back-to-school attitude toward your business. That is, look at this time of year as a renewal or a fresh start. For businesses that are open year round, there often isn’t a natural breaking point to hit the “reset” switch on anything. One year turns to another, and things that could be addressed or could use a fresh start get ignored. Why not take this time each year to evaluate your business, address things that need a “new coat of paint,” and really recommit to keeping your business fresh and up to date.

At Vertz Marketing, we’d also like to encourage you to use this time of year to think about your marketing plan and digital presence. Do you have some sprucing up in these areas that you know you could use? Take the start of a new school year to take your business “back to school” with a great marketing solution provided by the experts at Vertz Marketing. Give us a call anytime and let us help you!