How To Turn Social Followers Into Customers

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Having a large social media presence is great for many reasons. To start, it makes your business seem more credible. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to reach a large audience for very little money. The benefits are many, but sometimes turning a social media follower into an actual customer who visits your store can be a challenge. Here are a few tips from the social media experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee to help you out.

Post photos of your store

While they’re great because of the high quality, posting only stock product photos doesn’t give your audience a feel for the environment of your store. By posting well staged photos of the interior and exterior of your store, it will give your followers something to look forward to when they visit. Post some fun photos of customers having a good time! That will show followers is a place worth going to.

Offer special in-store promotions

Have a new product in your store that you want to promote? Great! Give your social media followers an incentive to come to your store by offering a promotional price or sale that can only be redeemed in-store. Use a phrase like “mention this ad when you visit our store to get 20% off this product!” It’s a great way to encourage people to visit.

Showcase your employees’ personalities

In a digital environment, it’s great to give your store a personality and make it seem more “human.” One great way to do this is by sharing photos of your employees. Whether a quick photo of someone organizing product or a group shot at a community event, photos of your staff will make social media followers more familiar with the store before visiting, which will in turn make them more comfortable coming in.

If you’re struggling to get your social media followers into your store, the experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee can help. Get in touch to schedule a complimentary business analysis and get started with a plan today!