Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

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A constant topic of conversation with existing and prospective clients center around the most efficient and effective ways to market a business to increase sales and profits. Many companies are used to the ‘old’ ways of gaining new prospects and customers. We tag many of these methods in the ‘outbound’ category of marketing.  These methods include print advertising, direct mail, billboards, cold calling, email campaigns, and even trade shows. For as long as we can all remember, outbound marketing is what companies knew how to do and this is what they spent their time and marketing budgets on.

As time goes on, retail consumers and business people are becoming very adept at ignoring and blocking out the attempts of outbound marketing messages to be heard. Think of all the outbound marketing messages you see and hear on a daily basis.  How many times a day do you decide to answer a phone call if you don’t recognize the caller ID or if you think it’s someone trying to sell you something? Outbound marketing is becoming much less effective.

At Vertz Marketing we work with each client on short and long term marketing goals with the most efficient and effective tools available. Time and again, the conversations with our clients and our action plans center around ‘inbound’ marketing.

With inbound marketing, we focus on making sure the best prospects can easily find you when they’re ready to engage you. When someone is ready to buy what you sell, how will they find you? Consumers are much more likely to use tools such as internet search engines (google, bing), blogs (great for SEO) and social media (great for referral marketing) to learn about companies like you that can serve their needs. For small to mid-size businesses, having a very dedicated focus on inbound marketing is going to drive revenue forward and bring great efficiencies to your marketing budget.

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