Is Your Ugly Milwaukee Web Design Driving Business Away?

Milwaukee web design

Often times, business owners are blind to the way customers and outsiders view their website. They know it serves a purpose, but don’t necessarily care much what it looks like. Little do they know their website, in many cases, acts as a first impression for potential customers. If a website is ugly, it could completely counteract other Milwaukee marketing efforts like social media, email, etc.

If you’re not reaching the sales goals you’d like to be achieving, it may be time to take a good look at your website, both its design and content. Try making a list of your top competitors and comparing their websites to yours. What is the experience like on their site? Do they have more or less content than you?

To get an idea of what customers think of your site, simply try asking them. When you meet with a customer, ask them where they heard about you and, if they’ve visited your website, ask for feedback. Try to avoid asking loaded questions that will make the customer feel obligated to answer a certain way – you want to get constructive feedback, even if that means negative comments. If the general consensus is anything but “it’s great!” you’d be smart to consider a new Milwaukee web design.

The important thing to remember is that your website is a resource that your customers look to for information about your company. If their experience on your website is poor, that’s a poor reflection on your brand.

If you’re in need of a new Milwaukee web design, contact Vertz Marketing. We will meet with you to discuss a strategy that will work for your business and help come up with a design that is as great as your business!