When Marketing Does Your Business More Harm Than Good

when marketing your Milwaukee business does more harm than good

At first glance, you might be confused about the title of this article. If you’ve read our blog before, you certainly know the value we place in marketing efforts in helping small and medium-sized businesses grow and thrive. What possibly could when mean then by marketing efforts doing harm to your business?

Today we are going to briefly address how some marketing efforts, when not executed properly, might actually have the opposite effect of what is intended.

It should first be stated that many small and medium-sized business owners undertake marketing efforts with the best of intentions. Certainly no one intends to do anything that could negatively affect his or her business. On the surface, some of the things that go into a campaign seem pretty simple and fool-proof. How hard is it to throw up a Facebook post, right? And can’t anyone mock up a simple logo to use on a business card or website?

Unfortunately, in the world of advertising and promoting your business, simple good intentions aren’t enough. Without realizing it, an unorganized and disjointed campaign can actually do harm to the reputation of your business. If you aren’t presenting yourself in an organized and strategic fashion, people may get a bad first impression of your business, and that can be hard to recover from.

Furthermore, there are also technical implications when it comes to digital marketing. For example, when SEO is done incorrectly, did you know that search engines like Google and Bing may actually “punish” you by making sure your site doesn’t show up in search results?

We certainly don’t mention any of this to scare anyone off from pursuing promoting their business. If you have come to the realization you need to actively work on promoting your business, that’s actually a great thing! Our experience working with businesses all over southeastern Wisconsin, however, has shown us the absolute vital importance of doing things the right way.

If you know it’s time to grow your business, give us a call at Vertz Marketing today. Working with you, we will guide you on a path of consistent, smart, relevant marketing that will yield results for your business.