Marketing Strategies: How to Engage Users

Milwaukee social media content

When developing your Milwaukee marketing strategy, it’s important to consider a number of items involving your target audience. In terms of social media and email marketing, your end goal will most likely be engaging followers/subscribers and leading them to purchase a product or service. Here are a few tips to help make that possible.

Don’t just tell them, show them.

Customers tend to respond better to visual imagery when it comes to the buying process. While product descriptions are important for technical aspects of an item, very rarely will customers choose to not see a product before making the decision to purchase. By sharing visuals (product images, original designs, videos, etc.) on your social media pages and in email newsletters, you are likely to see more engagement.

Don’ t just talk to them, talk with them.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses and brands make when it comes to social media is the copy that makes up a post. Many pages are filled with product information, news, and occasionally redundant content. While it’s important to give your followers and subscribers information about your products and services, an easy way to make them feel particularly excited about your brand is to ask them questions about your products. Even something as simple as “We’ve got tons of great new items in store. What do you think of this new ____?” By asking questions, it prompts your followers to respond and give feedback.

Note: If you’re going to ask questions, they key is to create conversation. If you get some responses, respond back even if it’s just a quick “Thanks!” You’ll also need to be ready to deal with any negative feedback as well and respond accordingly.

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