Time Spent Online Surpasses TV

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The #1 rule in marketing – go where the people are! As consumer behavior is rapidly changing in Milwaukee and across America, 2013 is showing dramatic change in the media consumption habits of Americans. For the first time ever, American consumers are now spending more time online (computer, tablet & mobile devices) than they are in front of the TV. We’ve included a great graphic below from eMarketer.com to illustrate how fast America’s habits have changed.

For owners of small to mid-size businesses, you should see this as an incredible opportunity to more easily position and sell your products and services. Many businesses felt the price of TV advertising was too cost-prohibitive to reach buyers and more companies are concerned about the effectiveness of TV ads because of DVR’s. As consumers are changing their habits, you have a great opportunity to get in front of your buyers online with the right combination of marketing strategies. From social media, search marketing, content marketing, and even retargeting ad techniques – there are many affordable ways to improve your sales & profits where your buyers are spending more and more time – online!

How businesses need to market has changed and there’s no turning back. Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee is happy to come out to your business to learn about your products and services and arm you with a complimentary business development and marketing analysis to help your business thrive. From Milwaukee web design to Milwaukee SEO, Milwaukee marketing and everything in between, our team of experts can help your business move forward. The schedule a complimentary analysis, give us a call at 262-910-4125 or click the ‘Contact Us’ button above.