Social Media: The Reel vs. The Real

This digital age has brought on a level of connectivity like never before. This allows businesses, both large and small, to reach and interact with their potential customers, competitors, and loyal customers in new ways. One post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can rack up thousands of impressions, build brand awareness, and drive conversion. But in a world seemingly ruled by social media, it can be easy and even tempting to compare ourselves or our businesses to others. But it’s important to remember that not everything shared on social media is the full or even accurate story.

Why the Reel Isn’t Real

For many, social media is a way to portray a lifestyle or brand in a constantly positive or elevated light. This is the highlight reel. Each photo or post is carefully crafted and curated to align to this message. Like advertising, the copy in each caption is repeatedly proofread and rewritten, and photos are edited or filtered to look their best. But more and more, consumers are looking to see more images and content that shows the “real” versus the “reel”. With that in mind, this is an opportunity to share the real, behind the scenes, and most authentic version of your brand.

Staying Authentic Amidst Inauthenticity

Social media has many benefits and opportunities for businesses who use it wisely. The trick is to maintain alignment with your brand, share your values, and stay authentic. The effort that you put into building your brand can be immediately tarnished with one poor-thought out Tweet or social post that contradicts your company’s brand and mission. Social media provides an opportunity to communicate with your customers constantly, but they’ll be quick to point out any missteps once made. Don’t be tempted to chime in on trending topics that aren’t relevant, copy competitors techniques, or use social media as a means to go after your competition. Customers want to learn about your brand, hear the story of your business, and understand more about how your company operates. And they want you to keep it real.